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The “Placements Sports” Program helps the sports federations in Quebec, especially the smaller ones, to develop
by encouraging individuals, companies and foundations to make a donation.

Goal March 31st, 2025

$ 8 000


Donate to support handball in Quebec with Placements Sports !

This program allows Handball Quebec to obtain a matching grant for all donations made during the years. For each donation of $25 or more, the Government of Quebec will donate an additional amount corresponding to 400% of the original donation. As example, a donation of $100 will bring in an additional $400 to Handball Quebec for a total of $500.

Donors will receive a tax receipt for all donations of $25 or more.

What will the donations be used for ?

Our projects:

  • Introduce handball to Quebecers with initiation lessons across the province.
  • Promote and develop handball in the region
  • Train new coaches and officials
  • Improve the service offer to all Handball Quebec members as well as the quantity and quality of our recreational activities and competitions.
  • Coaching and mentoring for club managers in the creation of news programs and special projects.
  • Improve the Handball Quebec membership service offer
  • Organization of various activities.

Our projects carried out with your previous donations

  • Hiring of a development and communication agent
  • Creation of an extracurricular activity offer
  • Implementation of initiation activities in summer camps in Quebec

    2024-2025 Donors

$500 and more $100 to $499 Less than $100

Thank you for your support !