About Quebec Handball Association

Our mission: To promote the development of 4 walls handball in Quebec by providing different opportunities to handball players and encouraging participation through a variety of services and programs.

Goals and objectives

  • Govern and promote amateur handball in Quebec
  • To ensure the enforcement of dynamic services and programs to the benefit of the handball players
  • To implement mechanism necessary for the realization of its mandate
  • To ensure the development and excellence of the activity, the resource people, the technicians and the elite of Quebec
  • To work with other organization sharing the same interests

Our intervention structure

The Quebec Racquetball Association counts on the actions of dozens of voluntary workers in order to deliver a job well to the members of the annual general assembly that takes in the month of June of every year.

With different levels of competence, we count among our administrators, some physical educational professionals and other activity professionals. To some it up, we have a variety of competent people that work with all their energy in hope of all achieving the same goals.

One of the advantages of our structure is that it allows us to point precisely a group of followers in a precise region, we are able to reach all the participants registered in private clubs in Quebec.

The Quebec Handball Association has five (5) administrators voted during the General annual Assembly.


Quebec Handball Association 
7665, Boul. Lacordaire
St-Léonard, QC H1S 2A7
E-mail: info@sports-4murs.qc.ca
Phone: (514) 252-3062

Opening hours

The regular opening hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Friday.


Michel Séguin, Executive Director
Marie-Michèle Trudel, Secretary
Anne-Frédérique Bayard, Development and Communication Agent
Nadine Lavallée, Coordinator of Development